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Many Australians suffer from a variety of fears associated with their driving. The inability to drive confidently restricts all aspects of a person's life ie work, social and family commitments. Sufferers report experiencing frustration and embarrassment for many years. This phobia can and does effect people from all walks of life.

Fear of Driving is an innovative, highly effective and cost efficient approach to address driving fears. The course enjoys a 90 percent success rate amongst course participants.

Fear Of Driving was created and designed in consultation with psychologists and driving instructors and is a long overdue lifeline to sufferers.

2008 News - New - Private one-on-one sessions available in Melbourne only. For busy clients a new format option is available. Private two hour sessions, I will come to you and we with have a 1 hour theory session followed by a 60 minute driving lesson targeting your specific on-road concerns.

Successful students have overcome a variety of feared situations, such as:

  • Trucks;
  • Busy Traffic;
  • Night Driving;
  • Intersections;
  • Criticism from passengers;
  • Getting lost;
  • Parking; and
  • Freeways.
Pictures of Feared Situations

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