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Questions About Driving

Below is a list of 10 questions. Please select the scenario which best describes you in the following instances:

1) When you need to park do you?

and walk

2) When you need to go somewhere for the first time do you?

and go
by driving there

3) Do you get anxious before a drive?

4) How often do you check the tyre pressures, fluid levels and brake lights?

5) If the quickest and easiest way to your appointment was via a freeway, would you use the freeway?

6) If you were being tailgated (followed closely by another vehicle) would you?

7) Do you travel of a night?

8) Do you become anxious in heavy traffic and around large trucks?

9) Do you alter your driving when you have passengers in the car (ie increase following distances, allow bigger gaps when turning)?

10) Do you use your car to drive to social and recreational activities (ie visiting friends, sports, visiting new places)?


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Are you a:

1) How has the media and road safety campaigns (Speed Kills & Drink Driving) affected your perception of the road environment?

2) Have the campaigns caused you to modify your driving behaviors?

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